Municipal Water

Our Chlorine Analyzer

Drinking-water distribution systems present challenges for residual chlorine monitoring. Halogen Systems features a five-parameter sensor with three electrodes for accurate amperometric chlorine measurement. Our goal was to accurately measure free chlorine without using reagents, membranes, electrolyte, or a waste stream. This self-cleaning and flow-independent sensor can be inserted directly into a pipe or a tank. The NSF61 Certified sensor is unlike any other sensor on the market today.

Save 65,000 gallons of water per year

 Halogen Systems has tirelessly tested our sensor technology in some of the harshest environments with resounding success. We have delivered over 2,000 of our TRO (Total Residual Oxidation) sensors, another lineup of Chlorine Analyzers, for Ballast Water Maintenance Systems on marine vessels.

Reduced maintenance

Frustrated with all the maintenance and recalibration inherent with the traditional approach to chlorine DPD or membrane analyzers?  We heard you…

  • No more colorimetric DPD chemistry
  • No changing reagents
  • No waste lines
  • Measures chlorine, ORP, conductivity, temperature, & pH
  • Accurate in all waters
  • Installable virtually anywhere

Flow Independent

Due to our patented 20,000 hour life span impeller system (made using a brushless magnetic pump) our chlorine analyzer can effectively monitor chlorine even in water tanks.