Real-Time, Online Chlorine Analyzers

Municipal Drinking Water Chlorine Analyzer

We understand the importance of public water supplies meeting the strict quality standards of the municipality it services. Our chorine analyzers are up to the task. With its patented five-parameter sensor with three-electrode amperometric chlorine measurements, we can produce readings quickly and accurately. Our sensor can be installed in a flow cell, directly in a pipe, or immersed in a tank or channel.

Wastewater Chlorine Analyzer

Halogen Systems Inc. is deeply interested in our sensitive environment. Because wastewater is so interconnected with the water cycle, it needs treatment before being released back to the environment. Our patented chlorine analyzer consistently provides accurate readings in a variety of install methods. This online instrument boasts a simple "plug-and-play" type of installation and is the envy of the chlorine sensor world.

Better Analytics = Better Results

Our patented electrochemical cleaning method resists polarization and adsorption of organic matter. Our design places a set of cleaning beads that continuously “scrub” the sensor. This process keeps the electrode surfaces, including the pH sensor, free from any buildup from hardness or biofouling.

This cleaning method allows our sensors to operate accurately for months at a time with no calibration needed. For example, in tests with freshwater, our factory calibrations were stable for more than three months, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Versatile Design

Each location presents different challenges.  Our sensors are up to the task.

  • No flow required and is accurate even while sitting in tank water 
  • Open channel installation with a boom
  • Runs on a variety of power outputs (120V AC, 24 VDC power from a SCADA system, remote power, (battery & solar panel)

Our Cholrine Analyzer Benefits:

Measures Chlorine, ORP, Conductivity, Temperature, pH

Highly integrated chlorine sensor costs dramatically less than traditional discrete sensors

No Membranes or Reagents

Bare electrodes eliminate the need for DPD Reagents.


Cleaning beads continuously clean the sensor. This keeps the electrode surfaces, including the pH sensor, free from buildup, scaling, and biofouling.

Flow Independent Measurement

It is the only flow independent amperometric sensor available for purchase

Robust High Pressure pH Sensor Cartridge

Can handle dry out periods with no need and will not require recalibration

Direct Pipe Installation for Fast Response

Installs directly in a ballast pipe reports TRO levels in as little as 50 seconds.

No Waste Stream

Can be installed as a side-stream unit, directly in a pipe, or submerged in a tank.

Direct Connection to PLC via Modbus for Simple Operation

Our highly integrated design reduces the electronics cost and size, while increasing reliability

Novel Patented Technology

8 US Patents, 2 Korean , and 1 Chinese patent with other patents pending.